Communication Apps

Marketing, Corporate and Employee Communications

Deliver your annual report, brochures, brand and retail materials and other marketing collaterals through a mobile experience that impacts business results.

From annual sustainability report, to in-house employee communication systems or mailers. Keep your company connected with employee communication tools delivered in a secure, internally distributed mobile app. Push HR info, training materials or company news that employee actually read.

Instead of waiting for employees to log on to the intranet from office or lap-tops, send a regular report directly to their phones and hand-held devices. You can even create personalized content by defining filters, like department, position, region etc. Make use of messages and Push notifications to send real-time updates for urgent news and big deals.

Improve employee on-boarding process by creating a training app complete with everything employees need to get up to speed quickly, navigate the company, and succeed in their jobs. Make training materials more engaging with interactive, mobile-based content. Empower your employees to educate themselves anywhere with on-the-go, portable training. Reach employees in new and interactive ways through newsletters and magazines that keep them up to date and engaged on market trends, company initiatives, and the firm’s vision. Convert printed training materials, employee magazines, newsletters, and more into timely digital content — available on the devices your employees use every day.

Overhaul communication program with a privately distributed mobile newsletter. Where traditional paper gets lost or tossed, members will now have easy access to all the latest news and an archive of past info.

Step up your training with engaging mobile-native materials you can create and distribute for a fraction of the cost of print. Even better, training apps can include feedback, quizzes and an ongoing channel for communication. Plus, analytics will let you see who has opened and used the content any time.